Dr Vita –  dietary supplements and medical products manufacturer.

We have been manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements, vitamins and medical products for 11 years. Being passionate about our work and devoted to it we want the best for our Clients. Our mission is to create top quality products which boost well-being and health of all Poles each day.

After  thoroughly analysing consumers’ eating habits and research results we created a range of products which supplement vitamins and microelements deficiencies and at the same time positively influence general well-being. We are a creative team and our ideas are limitless. By introducing our concepts into life we want to support human organisms in their natural activity and simplify enjoying fit and healthy lifestyle. Our offer includes over 70 products but due to a steady and intensive development of the brand we incessantly introduce new products onto the market and work on the next projects to be added to our offer.

Our goods are fully certified, the production line fulfills the highest standards of hygiene and sterility. The products are not tested on animals, they are subjected to detailed monitoring procedures which qualify the products for distribution and sales in Poland and the EU countries. Our priorities are – product quality, durability and attractive design of packaging as well as the latest marketing and promotion solutions. To make our product policy successful we effectively cooperate with the best companies which provide assistance in developing our brand dynamically.

Dr Vita –  live your life to the full we’ll top it up !

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Dr Vita

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